Aspian International Trading Company,is active In the field of commerce,Transportation, Clearance, Unloading and loading goods, Logistics and supply of machinery, Foreign foods and grains, As well as indoor medicinal plants,Implementation of water and wastewater treatment systems and provision of insurance services is ongoing.

In the commercial sector, the company has experienced and experienced staff in the fields of buying, selling, exporting, importing, providing new customs services with the benefit of expert and efficient customs experts, consulting on clearing and identifying the goods needed for export purposes, Financial and legal consulting services to companies, various industries, businesses and merchants to provide their goods and services at home and abroad.

Our strategists will be able to offer you the best ways to make the most of your small investments in the shortest possible time.

Foreign trade theorists that working with the company are able to identify export deficits and barriers that are in line with other nations’ interests and interests, and this will prevent you from investing. Our pride in establishing direct and long-term business relationships with large foreign companies, will allow you to be at the forefront of international trade.

The most prominent feature of international business firms is that, given the different climates of the world, each country’s needs are identified and exported to provide for international business activists and enthusiasts, the company is proud to recognize Comprehensive and comprehensive service from all over the world and identifying the great consumer market to serve you. It is a great honor to be with you on this journey.

In the transport sector, Aspian International Trading Company, which owns the only available terminal at the IncheBorun-Gorgan International Rail Rail Terminal, is in the process of contracting and cooperating with businessmen to develop and facilitate trade. With Central Asian countries with special conditions and facilities.

The industrial department of the company utilizes strong international communication and benefits from reputable foreign partners ready to supply all kinds of industrial and domestic water and sewage treatment systems, industrial machines such as steel sheet presses and cutting machines, preparation and polishing. Leather and production lines are industrial factories.

The food and cereals sector of the company is ready to supply and supply all kinds of cereals and edible products from the countries of Central and Southeast Asia at the best price and highest quality by the company representatives in these regions.

At the end of Aspian, International Abtin Trading is proud to be able to establish and expand a good link between foreign countries, especially its northern neighbors and domestic businessmen, and, ultimately, to develop, thrive and profit. In the economy of the region.