Rail transportation is one of the most profitable ways for international shipping and export. Optimized fuel consumption and increased safety coefficient are the benefits of rail transportation that help support Iranian goods and boost employment. The development of railways plays an important role in advancing international transport. In the field of international tourism by train, Tehran-Damascus and Tehran-Istanbul International Line have been established and operated for many years. Train travel In addition to the low cost and because of the beautiful scenery of the route has many attractions for tourists. Today, there have also been attempts to establish rail links between Iran and East Asian countries. These measures have led to an increase in the share of safe and low-cost rail exports to neighboring countries.

Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan are the main destinations for rail exports. Rail export is done from Inchebron, Sarakhs and Lotfabad borders in Khorasan Razavi, Mirjawa in Sistan and Baluchestan, Astara and Razi border in Azerbaijan. The bulk of these export commodities are dedicated to building materials and a large proportion of them to cement types. Ceramic tile is another important construction related commodity exported to other countries by rail. Due to the optimization of exports for our country, the share of rail exports increases every year.

In recent years it has been possible to transmit fruits and foods by placing refrigerators on freight trains. The big Russian market is the main target of fruit and food. Agricultural, fishery and some food, vegetable and fruit items are major export commodities to Russia. Agricultural, fishery and some food, vegetable and fruit items are major export commodities to Russia. The multitude of road accidents is one of the major concerns of manufacturers that can be addressed by rail transport. The cost of exporting by rail is also much lower than that of air transport. All of these benefits have made manufacturers and authorities interested in the development of rail transportation and that is the main reason for the expansion and increase of the share of rail exports in the country.

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