Animal inputs are vegetable grains used as animal feed. Barley, rice, flour, millet, bran, oats, wheat and corn are the most important livestock inputs. Production and import of livestock inputs have a great impact on the development and conditions of livestock. Imports and supply of livestock inputs come from Russian and Kazakh sources. Imported products from Central Asian countries are of high quality. Continuous product pre-shipment inspections are carried out by licensed European inspectors specializing in livestock inputs. By complying with the health and veterinary requirements, the product enters the country and is provided to ranchers and Shepherds.

Golestan province and the border town of Incheboron is one of the most important authorized import centers for livestock inputs. As mentioned, Kazakhstan and Russia are the largest and most important countries where livestock inputs are imported into Iran. The Incheboron Border has good access to livestock inputs with rail links with Kazakhstan, Russia and Central Asian countries. The Incheon Border has good access to livestock inputs with rail links with Kazakhstan, Russia and Central Asian countries. Barley is the main product imported from Kazakhstan. Although barley is the second largest agricultural crop in Iran, but buying it from Kazakhstan costs less than its production. Buying barley from Kazakhstan is the best and most cost-efficient way of supplying livestock inputs. In 1977, more than two and a half million tons of barley were imported into the country to compensate for the shortage of livestock inputs.

Russia is also active in producing and selling various livestock inputs to Iranian livestock farmers. Among various crops, Russian maize is widely known among importers and buyers of livestock inputs. In general, purchasing and importing livestock inputs from Central Asian countries is common and largely cost-effective. Activities in this field have been carried out for many years in authorized customs and veterinary customs and the transit of livestock inputs is one of the most profitable and vital businesses in the country.

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